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TopOCR - Neural Net Camera Dewarping and OCR!

TopOCR brings together a powerful collection of the latest neural net OCR and image processing technology for scanning books, magazines and newspapers with document cameras. It combines sophisticated real-time image processing with with state-of-the-art OCR technology together with an easy to use Image Editor and Word Processor/Spell Checker. It also provides a single-click Real-Time Document Camera Image Preview and Capture Dialog that makes real-time document positioning a snap!

TopOCR makes extensive use of multi-threading (running on multiple-CPUs) in the most CPU intensive portions of the OCR and image processing functions. To optimize multi-threading, TopOCR will automatically scale the number of threads the program uses based on the number of processors or "cores" on your PC.

With TopOCR you never have to worry if your documents are placed upside down or sideways. It automatically transforms images to the correct text reading orientation for every scan. In addition to text orientation correction, TopOCR can also automatically correct for geometric image distortion, such as page curvature, rotation, or perspective distortion. It can also fix problems caused by low contrast lighting and can automatically crop paper clips or your fingers from the image along with the background.

Automatic Document Image Dewarping with Neural Warp

Neural Warp is a revolutionary new convolutional neural network architecture that can analyze a document's page layout and can correct for page curvature and other geometric image distortions.

Neural Warp Input Image Neural Warp Output Image

Accessible User Interface for Low Vision and Blind Users

For those who have difficulty reading printed material, TopOCR has a powerful, easy to use, multi-lingual Accessible OCR User Interface. This interface provides a very easy to learn visually Accessible User Interface for Document Cameras.

Super Resolution Image Capture with Document Cameras

TopOCR supports a Super Resolution image capture mode that uses Multi-Frame Super Resolution that gives a low resolution camera the ability to create a high resolution image! Super Resolution turns a 5.0 MP document camera into a 400 DPI high resolution document scanner!

Select Your Choice of Output Formats and Tools

TopOCR's OCR text output can be saved in your choice of PDF/HTML/TXT/RTF file formats. It also has a multilingual Text To Speech System allowing you to convert your documents into high quality speech and save them as MP3 files. TopOCR's built-in Search Engine enables you to find any of your scanned documents instantly. TopOCR also provides an easy to use Image Processing Toolkit that can be accessed with just a few mouse clicks.

In addition to having the ability to save the OCR text output in PDF text format, TopOCR can also read and write multi-page PDF image files. TopOCR also supports "Scan to PDF", so you can quickly and easily archive any number of scanned images as a single high resolution, multi-page PDF image file. This function provides you with an easy method to convert your paper documents into a digital format for easier storage while maintaining a copy of the original image. You can also use TopOCR as a PDF to MP3 converter.

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What About OCR Accuracy?

TopOCR can provide a very high level of accuracy with digital cameras, especially document cameras! To prove it to you, we've provided eight sample camera images ranging in size from 1.3 MP to 8.0 MP along with TopOCR's OCR processing results. TopOCR is capable of reading all 8 of these camera images with 100% accuracy, it is the only OCR program that can!

Platform Requirements

OS: Windows 10 Only!
CPU: 4 core or better, SSE2 instruction support