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TopOCR Demo (It's Free! Give it a Try!)

Click on the Icon to download and install the TopOCR 60 Demo (154.6 MB) for Windows application.

The TopOCR download file size is 154.6 MB due to the inclusion of all the neural net data files for all eleven supported languages as well as the Neural Warp neural net data file. If you have a previous version of this software installed on your PC, you must first un-install the old version before you install this version.

TopOCR Demo Limitations

Unlike most shareware trial packages, the TopOCR Demo does not work within a fixed time period, for instance 30 days, or a fixed number of uses. The TopOCR Demo will work indefinitely and process an indefinite number of images. However, in the standard GUI mode all of the OCR text output save functions are disabled as well as the Text To Speech functions.

TopOCR Demo Accessible User Interface

The Accessible User Interface for the TopOCR Demo application allows you to evaluate using TopOCR with any TWAIN compatible scanner or UVC compliant document camera of 2.0 MP or greater resolution. After you install the TopOCR Demo application, you can launch it straight from the Windows DeskTop and put it in Accessible Mode with a simple 2 step process shown below:

Step #1 Type "CTRL-ALT-Q" to launch TopOCR from the Windows DeskTop.

Step #2 Type "CTRL-Q" to put TopOCR into Accessible Mode/ or back to GUI Mode. You will generally only need to do this once.

Each Accessible keyboard command is just a single key press and each command also supplies audio feedback. The Accessible Mode will support the following 10 keyboard commands:

Esc - Select between Document Camera or TWAIN scanner - default is document camera
F1 - Scan an image, OCR the image, and read the OCR Output
F2 - Pause/Resume Text To Speech reading
F3 - Select Operating Mode - Standard Mode, Straighten Columns Mode, Neural Warp Mode or Turbo Mode - default is Standard Mode
F4 - Select Document Camera - Default if only 1 camera is present. Otherwise allows you to specify camera source on PCs with multiple UVC cameras
F5 - Select Capture Delay Timer for Image Capture - Default is 10 seconds
F6 - Select Language for OCR and Speech - Default is English
F7 - Switch OCR engine (switch between TAO OCR and LSTM OCR - default is LSTM OCR)
F8 - Audio and Screen Help Information
F9 - Exit TopOCR

Accessible OCR Output Replay Commands

The TopOCR Demo Accessible User Interface also has additional OCR Output Replay Commands that provides finer access to the OCR output Reading Data.


Ctrl-1 - Replay the entire page audio
Ctrl-2 - Replay the page audio - sentence by sentence
Ctrl-3 - Replay the last sentence audio - word by word

Note: After reading the sentence word by word, the sentence pointer is reset to the beginning of the page.

TopOCR Demo Configuration

Once you've installed the TopOCR Demo on your PC then you're ready to configure it for use with your document camera or TWAIN Scanner. This generally only needs to be done once and takes just a few seconds to complete.

1. Plug your document camera or TWAIN scanner into a USB 2.0 port on your PC.
2. Launch the TopOCR application by typing Ctrl+Alt+Q from the DeskTop Window.
3. Type "Control-Q" to put TopOCR into Accessible Mode.
4. use the Esc key to select either a Document Camera or TWAIN Scanner - the default is Document Camera 4. TopOCR's default language is English, if you want to use the Accessibile User Interface with another language, then use the F6 key to select another language.
5. If you have a PC with more than one webcam/document camera, use the F4 key to select the correct document camera.

TopOCR's configuration, like its operation is 100% Accessible, there are no on screen dialogs, menus, or buttons that would require the use of an external screen reader. All functions are handled through the keyboard or mouse with text to speech feedback.

Platform Requirements

OS: Windows 10 Only!
RAM: 4 GB Recommended
CPU: 4 Core or Better, SSE or AVX Instruction Support