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Using TopOCR's Scan to PDF Feature

TopOCR allows you to save all of the open images displayed in Topocr's Image Window as a single PDF image file. This gives you the ability to create a PDF "book" by simply scanning a stack of images, and then when you're finished scanning, use the File->SaveAll function to save them in PDF image format. The type of image compression the File->SaveAll function uses is dependent on the pixel depth of the image.

Reading PDF Files

When you open a multi-page PDF file in TopOCR, it will display the first page, you can then use the Page->Next, Page->Previous, Page->First, Page->Last commands to navigate to other pages within the document. If you want to extract the text for any particular individual page, just press the [OCR] button. To make it slightly faster, simply turn the Settings->Auto-OCR On/Off command to "On" and from then on when you press the NextPage Menu item it will auotomatically OCR the page. This process can let you OCR a multi-page PDF document a page at a time.

For the best results reading PDF files, we recommend operating TopOCR in "Scanner Mode", by changing the Settings->OCR->Binarization Type to Scanner.

PDF to MP3 Conversion

Once TopOCR has extracted all the text from your PDF file and placed it in the Text Window, you can press the Text Windows's TextToSpeech command and turn the text into an MP3 file.

Merging PDF Files

Now you can partially scan a book and later combine the pdf files together, thanks to a simple utility called PDFBinder. After you download and install this easy to use utility, simply drag and drop the pdf files in the order they're to be merged onto PDFBinder, and when you've finished, click on the Bind! button and PDFBinder will merge all the separate PDF input files into one PDF output file.