TopOCR's SAPI Text To Speech System

TopOCR's easy to use Text To Speech System (based on SAPI 5.3) provides a simple pop-up dialog for converting your documents into high quality speech output. You can access TopOCR's Text To Speech System by simply clicking on the Speech menu item on TopOCR's Text Window. TopOCR's Text To Speech system can speak in eleven languages (English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish). The Text To Speech System lets you preview your documents in audio and save them as MP3 files. TopOCR's Text To Speech System will highlight each word as it is spoken aloud in the text display box!

MP3 Encoding

The first step converts the Text To Speech output into a .wav file, by pressing the Save To .Wav button.
You will be presented with a file save dialog for you to name the .wav that is created.
After your .wav file has been created, the total number of words converted to speech will be displayed in the "Words Saved to .Wav File" box.

The second step, is to convert the .wav audio file you just created and convert it into an MP3 file.
You do this by pressing the MP3 Encode button.
You will then be presented with an MP3 Encoding Dialog with the names of the input file (choose the .wav file you just created) and the output file. the name of the mp3 file you want to create, then press "OK". This will then create the MP3 file of your OCR output.

Additional TTS Commands

Speak - will speak the output in the text edit box.

Pause - will pause the text to speech.

Stop - will stop text to speech.

Rate - vary the speed of the Text To Speech Voice.

Vol - change the volume of the Text To Speech Voice

Voice - select a SAPI voice.

Format - select the voice quality level.